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We specialize in finding that very special rug to match your architecture and environment. Our collection of diverse products include Antique Orientals, American and Native American rugs, as well as new reproductions. Our services include rug cleaning and museum-quality restoration.

In 1974 Topanga Rugs Company owner Barry Hornig was given permission to open a weaving factory and school in the ancient city of Balkh, 18 miles from the Russian border. He designed cotton dhuries that he sold to Stark Carpet and Patterson Flynn & Martin in New York City. After the coup he returned to New York where he continued to import Afghan tribal rugs that were sold to Bloomingdale’s and other top designers.

In 1984, Barry and his wife, Diana, moved to Santa Fe, NM, and opened the first indoor/outdoor rug shop. It was featured in Town & Country as well as Architectural Digest. They moved to California in 1984 and opened Topanga Rug Shop. In 1992 it was named Best Rug Store in Los Angeles. The shop soon became a destination and landmark for interior designers, celebrities, and customers who appreciated owning a rug with the integrity inherent in handmade products.
All of Barry’s imported rugs are made of natural fibers and vegetable dyes and are not mass produced.Diana Hornig has had an extensive career in design and fashion in New York City and Europe. She worked with Tiffany’s and Bloomingdale’s room settings. Her travels gave her the opportunity to explore the leading trends in home interiors. Her interests are yoga and natural cooking. Now, Barry and Diana divide their time between Santa Monica, CA, Missoula, MT, and San Miguel de Allende, Mexico, each with a vibrant international community.

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